Trek Chaltén - El Chaltén, Fitz Roy and Moreno Glacier - South Patagonia
On this 5 day program you will follow the most important trails in
the region for close-up views of Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitz Roy and
the impressive Perito Moreno glacier. Three days hiking in El Chaltén beyond the base camps used for Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre ascents, and up to the summit of the Pliegue Tumbado to enjoy the most incredible view of the area. From El Calafate you will enjoy a full day excursion to the famous Moreno Glacier. Overnights at El Chaltén and Calafate in comfortable lodges or hostels. No previous hiking experience necessary.
Five to seven hours daily of easy walks.

Trek Capri - El Chaltén, Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre - South Patagonia
A 3 day hike to Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy with overnights in tents at a comfortable base camp on Laguna Capri with an overwhelming view
of the Fitz Roy range. This tour through the highlights of the area has been designed for experienced hikers as well as for anyone who wishes to enjoy outdoor life for the first time and is willing to take 4 to 6 hours of daily easy walks.

Bivouac at Cerro Torre - El Chaltén, Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre - South Patagonia
Two or three day-program into the heart of the Patagonian Andes. A glacier hike into the Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy valley. Camp in tents on the glacier, surrounded by spectacular landscape, in the midst of the most famous peaks of  Patagonia.
6 to 8 hours daily walking with a chance for some ice climbing if wished.

Trek to Paso del Viento - El Chaltén, Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre - South Patagonia
During 3 to 5 days, and far away from the most typically chosen trails
to Cerro Torre and Fity Roy you will get a chance to get in touch with the wildest of Patagonian nature. The Paso del Viento opens up to a view
of the impressive Viedma Glacier and beyond onto to the Patagonian Icecap. Two nights camping at Lago Toro for the 3 day program and 2 more nights next to the Viedma Glacier for the 5 day program. This last option will allow you to walk onto the Patagonian Icecap.
A reasonable degree of stamina is needed to carry your backpack over the pass for the 5 day program, but no technical skills are required.

Paso Marconi - El Chaltén, Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre - South Patagonia
A glance onto the Patagonian Icecap. This challenging excursion offers the opportunity to get to know one of the most fascinating landscapes of the Fity Roy area. Four days hiking through woods, along glacier-lakes, over moraines and glaciers up to Paso Marconi and onto the Patagonian Icecap with incredible views of the Fitz Roy range, the surrounding vertical granite peaks and the glacial summits in the ice fields. 
Four days hike with 5 to 7 hours walk in the woods, glacier and moraines. Since you will be carrying your own gear, being in good
shape will certainly help you enjoy this tour. No technical skills needed.

Paine Trek - Torres del Paine National Park
A 5 day program, starting and ending in El Calafate, with hikes to
the highlights of the beautiful Torres del Paine National Park in
Chile, visiting Torres del Paine, Valle Francés and the Grey Glacier.
Overnights in hotels and  hostels.

Hiking at the area of San Carlos de Bariloche - The northern Patagonian lake district
Cerro Tronador, Paso de las Nubes and the area of Puerto Blest on Nahuel Huapi Lake are the highlights of Nahuel Huapi National Park you will explore on 4 hiking days, with one overnight in a tent-camp at Paso de las Nubes. During the following 2 days you will have a chance to visit the city of Bariloche and take a trip through the lake district with some short hikes to the most beautiful viewpoints.

Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego
Hiking at the “End of the world”: untouched, wild landscape, Beagle Channel, snow-covered Cordillera Darwin, lakes, beech forest and an occasional summer snow storm will let you feel you are really at the southernmost end of South-America. Hiking-programs in beautiful pristine nature. One to 3 day programs, including easy climbs to summits with beautiful view and overnights in tents far away from civilisation – truly an unforgettable experience.

Vallecitos and Quebrada de las Capillas - Colourful Puna and Northwest Argentina
Three to five-day hikes through beautiful valleys and over high passes, with views of the 6000 meter high mountain ranges of the area.. You will be visiting friendly Indian settlers and small schools in the midst of the mountains.
While you walk on ancient Indian trails along deep fertile valleys hrough huge cactus fields, your luggage will be carried by donkeys to your next camp.  A trip through ancient culture and spectacular landscapes to a place that has seldom seen any tourists. Four to seven hours daily of easy walks and heights up to 3500 meters in passes. Overnights in tents. For further information on different options in this beautiful
area please
contact us.

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile - Puna and Northern Chile
A sunset at San Pedro de Atacama is one of the truly breathtaking moments to live. The incredible colours that paint the many volcanoes surrounding the huge Salar de Atacama are to impressive to describe. The Altiplano with its salt lakes, delicately ornamented with hundreds
of flamingos, the geysers of El Tatio, and the salt lake of Atacama are
a must when visiting San Pedro de Atacama. One to several-day hikes, or the thrill of a volcano ascent in this area shrouded by a mystical
past is a true delight for mind and soul.


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