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All day trip: Leave: 09:00am. Return: 07:00pm.

Agenda: We pick up the passengers at their Hotel in our van and head down Route 258 to the edge of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. After driving along the Rio Manso, we arrive at John´s Camp.

Before we set off, we enjoy a coffee on the beach, change in to our wet suits, and after the safety talk from the head-guide, we are ready to decend the final section of the Manso River in Argentina.

This section of river is beautiful and challenging. The canyon is covered with lush vegetation and has the best whitewater in the region. Velvet Box, Ozone Hole, Shout and Turn, Little Toboggan are some of the rapids we hit before continuing on more rapids like Deep Throat, Extasis, Scrambled Egg, Eye Tooth and finally International. At the Chilean Border, we leave the river behind and make our way up a short, steep trail to change clothes, load up all the gear, and prepare for a wonderful Argentinian Barbeque (called an “Asado”) back at the John´s Ranch.

When we arrive at the John´s, we will be surprised not only by the hospitality of the family but by the unequalled beauty of their authentic Patagonian ranch. More than 50 years of work are reflected in the picturesque house, the warehouses, and their beautiful garden with flowers and trees, all of this surrounded by an unobscured view of Mt. Bastion.

The distinct aroma of the delicious patagonian barbeque (Asado) invites us to take a seat at the table where a wonderful salad and various deserts (postres caseros) await us. All of the meals are prepared with the dedicated and practicad hands of the family. A majority of the food comes from their garden or the surrounding fields. Afterwards, we return to Bariloche.

Difficulty: Class III – IV

Includes: Transportation, guides, safety kayak, river clothes (with neoprene suite and waterproof jacket), coffee in the morning and patagonian barbeque.


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