Patagonia is well known for huge, beautiful rivers streaming down from the Andean glaciers all the way to the fjords at the Pacific Ocean, or through the steppe to the Atlantic.
A rafting day through the dense Andean forest or the Patagonian steppe, in combination with some hiking days or a horseback ride, will let you enjoy pristine nature spots only accessible by boat.
From an easy rafting day for the whole family to challenging rapids, different tours offer attractive alternatives suiting all wishes.
When it comes to white water kayaking and rafting, Alejandro Rosales is certainly the most experienced man in Patagonia. Over the years he has scouted the rivers developing, for his company “Extremo Sur”, different excursions and expeditions which have become classic options for kayakers and rafting lovers from all over the world.
We are always happy to recommend his excursions, where safety and excellent service are ever-present.



The worlds wave soaring paradise is certainly called Patagonia.
The Andes, a huge mountain range laying right across the west winds, a dry steppe to the East and the “roaring 40´s”are a warranty for outstanding gliding conditions.
All the latest world records on distance flights have been achieved in this land of unique beauty.
Year by year, more and more world-elite pilots have been increasingly gathering at our area to enjoy gliding in this wonderful scenery.
As an enthusiastic glider pilot, Pablo Cottescu has been flying the area of Bariloche for several years. This has given us the necessary expertise to organize your logistics while enjoying a stay at our area with some really exciting flights along the endless Andes range.
A scenic flight over the lakes and summits in a double-seater will leave you breathless. This is an excellent option for those who would like to try the thrill and beauty of this unique activity for the first time.
Our local soaring club has different single-seater as well as two-seater gliders to perform some good flights starting from Bariloche.
Now; if you are really into high performance flights and you would like to have a chance to join some of the teams from abroad, we can put you in contact with them during their stay here with us.



Enjoy the untouched nature on a kayak tour through the National Parks at the Lake District.
In small groups, with an experienced guide, you will be paddling along the beautiful lakes and rivers far away from civilization.
“Pura Vida Patagonia” is a touring kayak operator with competent and committed guides who love their job out in nature and put their main concern in delivering a safe and unique experience.
One-to-several-day tours with camps at the waterside open up a variety of delightful options to enjoy easy rides with friends or the whole family.

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