Andrea Neelsen
de Cottescu
Pablo Cottescu

was born in Germany and grew up skiing in the Alps. After finishing her studies for “Tourism Management” in Munich, Germany she gathered experience working as Tour Leader in Europe, in
the management department at different hotels
and was actively involved at the Tourism Research Institute “Studienkreis für Tourismus” from Starnberg, Germany. After visiting Argentina in 1982 she decided to settle over to Patagonia, choosing Bariloche, a town in the Patagonian
Andes as her new home. She joined her husband Pablo in different tours and expeditions and together they decided to develop the trekking business in the Fitz Roy area and the rest of Patagonia in the early 80´s. This enterprise quickly evolved into a specialised travel agency that offers incoming services and destination management
in Argentina and Chile for travel agencies and independent travellers throughout the world.

She holds a degree in Tourism management and certifications as Ski Instructor and Trekking guide.








was born in Argentina and grew up in the Patagonian Andes. As an enthusiast for mountain sports he developed his skills in mountaineering and skiing, gathering experience in the Andes, Europe and Nepal. He holds several certifications as mountain guide, climbing instructor, ski instructor and ski patroller. Due to his all-round knowledge in sports and tourism he has acted as
a consultant in several private and governmental projects developing non-conventional tourist activities in different areas.
He scouted the Andes per helicopter from Mendoza to the Fitz Roy area seeking for the best heliskiing options, developing this activity in several areas. He also developed training courses on guiding tactics and  avalanche prevention for mountain guides and the mountain rescue team in Bariloche.
As a founding member of the Asociación Argentina de Guías de Montaña (Argentinean Mountain Guide Association) he has actively contributed to the development of this profession in Argentina.











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