Around Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy over the Patagonian Icecap - El Chaltén, Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre - South Patagonia
In a landscape of wild natural beauty, this small expedition will lead you through a world of endless frozen scenery. Vertical granite walls, a challenge only reserved for the best climbers in the world, and hanging glaciers will be your escorts throughout the entire trip. The views of the infinite frozen plains of the Patagonian Icecap and the west wall of Cerro Torre will leave you breathless.
Seven to nine days hike off the beaten path, over glaciers, moraines and snow. Good stamina and some previous hiking experience are a must for this tour. Program and details..


Cerro Gorra Blanca, 2907 m -
El Chaltén, Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre - South Patagonia
A special program for hikers and / or skiers with some mountaineering experience. After 2 days hiking through rugged mountain-scenery you reach the Marconi Pass. From here you hike up with your touring-skis to Gorra Blanca Mountain on the edge of the Icecap. The view from the top is truly indescribable. An endless range of glacier-covered peaks and the Patagonian Icefield lay at your feet.
Four to five days hiking and / or skiing. Good stamina and some previous glacier-hiking experience are required.

Northern Patagonian Icecap - West Patagonia
One of the least known mountain areas of Patagonia lies in southern Chile: the northern Patagonian Icecap. This beautiful area with little infrastructure and far away from civilisation, is home to the highest peak of Patagonia: Cerro San Valentin at a height of 4058 meters. This climb or the traverse across the icecap are some of the utmost challenges Patagonia still has to offer for new adventurers.
Our recent success with Reinhold Messner in November 2006 on the east-west traverse of this icecap with 12 team members from our partner the DAV Summit-Club and 5 guides from our company clearly exhibit our expertise in this arena and our ability to create a program for the most challenging adventure seeker.
Some kilometres further southwards lies Cerro San Lorenzo, a beautiful 3700 meter summit covered with glaciers.

Volcanoes of the lake district in Argentina and Chile -
The northern Patagonian lake district

The volcanoes Tronador 3554 m., Osorno 2662 m. and Lanín at 3770 meters are surely the most interesting and beautiful mountains to climb in the lake district. The views you will enjoy from the top of these fantastic summits in the clear patagonian air will be unforgettable.
You can climb one or if desired all three of these peaks adding some hiking program or other summit ascents to your stay in this area.
Some previous experience and being in good physical shape are required.

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