Isla de Pascua
They say that Easter Island, with its hundreds of Moais and huge sculptures is one of the most fascinating and at the same time most remote places on earth.
A close look at its culture and captivating landscape surely makes the long trip over the ocean worth it. On different hiking tours you will have a chance to get closely in touch with the island’s very unique history.

Palaeontological Tours
Northern Patagonia is without doubt one of the best places in the world to follow the trails of the giant dinosaurs, including the largest ever found. Huge fossils, fossilised footprints, and many other remains are continuously being found by palaeontologists. Interesting and complete indoor and open air museums and the excavation sites are certainly worth a visit to this very beautiful part of the Patagonian steppe. We can put together a special program for you to meet your interests.

Experience the White Continent on a classical tour through amazing frozen scenery and rich wildlife or on special departures with the possibility to go sea-kayaking, mountaineering, cross-country skiing or even the chance of spending a night in a tent on the pristine ice of Antarctica.
Emperor Penguins, whales, sea-lions, white islands, huge glaciers and bright icebergs will certainly turn this trip into an unforgettable experience.
Since this tour starts and ends in Ushuaia we would be happy to organise your arrival or departure or any complementary program in Argentina or Chile for you.

Iguazu Falls
To take a short break before heading back home and spend a few days at the majestic waterfalls of Iguazu after your trip through Argentina is certainly a recommendable thing to do. Whether at the Iguazu Sheraton Hotel with beautiful view of the waterfalls, or at any other cosy hotel in the midst of nature, we can arrange your accommodation, excursions and all the incoming services for a really pleasant stay.

Peninsula Valdes
Is certainly well known by all wildlife lovers. Whales, sea-lions, sea-elephants, penguins, guanacos and many other animals to be seen by the thousands completely wild at this protected area are an experience certainly worth a few days stay. You can rent a car or take regular or private excursions to the best locations. Small hotels at the peninsula in the middle of nowhere, nice accommodations downtown in Puerto Madryn or lonely farms in the middle of nature, offer all kinds of different options for an exiting stay.

Buenos Aires
While travelling to Argentina, Buenos Aires is of course a must. Tango, good food, excellent wines, a rich cultural life and impressive architecture from the early 20th century will certainly make your visit worthwhile. Fine hotels and an extensive variety of programs will make your stay a very pleasant experience.

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