ALTA MONTAÑA was born as a  result of enthusiastic commitment to mountaineering and skiing, our love for nature, and a lifetime exploring Patagonia, the Andes and the endless diversity of spectacular landscapes
in Argentina and Chile.

As a travel agency, providing incoming services and destination management for specialised agencies and independent travellers, we have put our effort into the development of tailor-made trips to the most remote and best hidden places of our Andes as well as the must-visit spots of Argentina and Chile.

Our highly qualified personnel and our agreements with excellent providers allow us to manage outstanding travel services in all the main destinations and cities.

More than 25 years of professional experience gathered at the hands of our guests, staff, and excellent commercial relationship with leading companies over the world are a guarantee of our commitment to providing high quality personalized services.

Over the years we have grown as a result of our knowledge about the destinations we visit and the diversity of what we offer, staying away from mass-market standardised programs. This certainly profiles us as one of the best options while choosing a partner for the development of new trips for your clients
or simply trusting us to manage this most important time of the year for you: your vacations.

Hoping to have the opportunity to help you with the organization of your trip and share some pleasant moments with you soon

Yours sincerely

The Alta Montaña Team

Alta MontaƱa - Bariloche - Patagonia Argentina
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